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What is Ease?

A Black and Latinx-owned brand, Ease is an organic personal lubricant designed with Black women and BIPOC in mind. Ease contains organic, non-toxic ingredients to promote a healthy vaginal pH balance and comes in low-waste and reusable packaging. 

Ingredients: filtered water, flax seed, coconut powder, local and responsibly-sourced honey*, organic cucumber, organic sweet potato.

*Vegan option available

How do I store Ease?

You can extend the life of Ease by freezing it or refrigerating it when not in use. We recommend freezing and defrosting a few hours before use, or portioning it out by freezing in covered ice cube trays so you can have single-serve portions ready to go.

Ease contains far fewer preservatives than shelf-stable personal lubricant. This means your body gets only the good and healthy stuff. It also means that Ease has a shorter shelf life, especially when left unrefrigerated. 

Ease Background + Ethos

Ease values good health, inclusivity, pleasure, sustainability and sexual liberation for all. Ease promotes seeking pleasure and wellness in ways that feel effortless and joyful.

As a former health educator, I came across a study examining the pH balance of Black women’s vaginas. The finding in the study was that there seems to be a slightly higher acidity in the vaginal secretions of Black women in comparison to our non-Black counterparts. This made me question the readily accessible products on shelves that are formulated for “most” vulvas.

Cut to me, researching organic lubes on the market and finding that many contain preservatives that I’d rather not insert into my own body. Many of these lubes are also packaged in loads of plastic, clashing with my efforts to produce less waste overall. 

So, I ultimately created a lube that I personally use, one made from organic ingredients with low waste packaging, and one that is — most importantly — designed with Black women and GNB/GNC vulva owners in mind. It’s pH balanced for us and actually tastes quite pleasant. 

How do I use Ease?

Although Ease was designed to be used as personal lubricant, you can also use ease wherever you need a little extra moisture. Ease is safe to use as a serum or mixed into a mask on your hair and skin as well.

After you’ve used up all of your Ease, you can wash the bottle, compost the label (made from natural sugarcane) and reuse it for homemade cleansers, serums, solé,  supplements, oils…

If you have an idea for repurposing the bottle, we’d love to see it! Snap a picture and tag us @easeorganiclube on Instagram and Twitter.

Shipping & Returns

We are happy to offer free shipping on all orders.

Due to the nature of the product, we are unable to accept returns at this time. However, if you are unsatisfied for any reason, we will do our very best to accommodate you. Please email hello@easeorganiclube.com with any questions or concerns you may have. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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